SEEDArts Cinema

The newest SEEDArts program grew from a community-led initiative to bring the cinema arts to Southeast Seattle. SEEDArts Cinema presents an ongoing film series at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center that features independent films, festival favorites, documentaries, foreign films and specialty titles. We also partner with other film organizations to present mini-festivals.

In the summer, we present Cinema under the Stars, two outdoor free family movies in Columbia Park the third Saturday of July and August.

2015 Schedule:

Children’s Film Festival Seattle January 24th 11AM
FANTASTIC JOURNEYS (for ages 5+) 80 min

Journeys take us to new places, whether in the outside world or within ourselves. On these animated flights of fancy, you’ll scale the Alps, push the sun and
the moon back into alignment and jump into a whole ocean of lemonade.

The Midnight Tourist (Seattle) Nonverbal. For one little boy, Seattle literally
comes to life!

Wombo (Germany) Nonverbal. An alien lands on earth and is chased by a dog,
ends up in a vegetable basket, and nearly gets cooked for dinner!

The Gallant Captain (Australia) Nonverbal. With a little help from his imagination, a little boy journeys into unknown waters.

lemonade taleLemonade Tale (Estonia) Nonverbal. On a trip to the supermarket, a child finds
himself adrift in an ocean of bubbles and fantastical creatures.

Little Matryoshka (Turkey, 2014, 8:16 min) Nonverbal. Some nesting dolls find
themselves in the midst of a busy battle of other wooden toys.

The Lonely Scarecrow (Iran) Nonverbal. A scarecrow wonders why everyone is in a
hurry to leave town.

A Tin Can (Russia) Nonverbal. Some astronauts leave a tin can out in space, and
when it falls to earth, it gets into all kinds of crazy situations.

Marooned Maroo(USA) In English. A boy spends time playing with the Earth.

Father Frismas 1-1Father Frismas (France, 2012) In French with English subtitles. Valley folks must
trek high into the Alps to find the magical man who makes snow.



Children’s Film Festival Seattle, now celebrating its 10th year in Seattle,
will be headed down to Columbia City for a special screening at Rainier Valley
Cultural Center on January 24. Bring the whole family for animation that is
sure to astound, amaze and entertain! Tickets, $5 for kids, $7 for adults, will
be on sale the day of the show at the theater, located at 3515 S. Alaska St. The
258-seat theater, with 5.1 surround sound and a 16 foot screen, is located in
the vibrant Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. For more information about
the entire festival, visit

SEEDArts Cinema will present monthly movies that are selected to entertain as well as enlighten and educate our audiences. Community conversations will follow each film. Titles to be announced. This year’s films will be screened on Saturdays at 7 pm on May 17, June 28, September 20, October 18, and November 15.

Cinema Advisory Board
SEEDArts Cinema is led by a community advisory board comprised of film aficionados, neighbors and business owners. We are seeking additional board members to assist us to present our annual series and outdoor movies.

Contact Kathy Fowells,